1stQ - new Corporate Video

Our new corporate video gives a glimpse into the high-end production process of an artificial lens - filmed in stunning pictures. From raw material to precision IOL. Highest standard of production and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology lead to maximum optical precision and visual quality.

Precision for the eye! Intra ocular lensen for Optimal, Natural Vision.

1stQ Corporate Video

New study provides clinical outcomes data related to AddOn implantation

The AddOn is the refractive-surgery platform for the fine-tuned correction of pseudophakic eyes. The AddOn is implanted into the sulcus in addition to the capsular-bag fixated basis IOL and is compatible with common capsular-bag IOLs, irrespective of design or material.
Recently a study was performed through Kjell G. Gundersen (MD, IFocus Eye Clinic AS, Norway) and Rick Potvin (Science in Vision, USA): "A review of results after implantation of a secondary IOL to correct residual refractive error after cataract surgery."
The results present a new perspective on refraction precision. A secondary IOL implantation is a viable surgical option to correct residual refractive error.

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Conventions 2018

1stQ will be present at the ophthalmic congresses, such as:

DOC Congress in Nuremberg: June 14-16, 2018
ESCRS Congress in Vienna: September 21-26, 2018

We're looking forward meeting you!

Optimal, Natural Vision goes interactive!

What does Optimal, Natural Vision (ONV) after cataract surgery mean? What are the visual functions that get lost during a cataract procedure and - much more important - which functions could be restored by implanting an artificial lens?

1stQ explains in an interactive way, which visual functions determine our vision in everyday life and simulates how Optimal, Natural Vision after cataract surgery could be restored. Curious?

Watch our interactive ONV video with ONV simulator

AddOn® - fine-tuned correction for pseudophakic eyes!

The AddOn® is the refractive-surgery platform for fine-tuned correction of pseudophakic eyes and constitutes a milestone in functional patient care. The new generation is the result of over 10 years of experience in this particular area and unites many benefits, such as:
Stable position in the sulcus through 4 flexible haptics
Stable distance from Basis IOL through convex/concave optics
Rotational stability through non-torque design
No iris capture through square design

Video AddOn Animation
Video Presbyopic Solution

AddOn SML - The Magnifier in the Eye

The AddOn SML gives new hope to pseudophakic patients with advanced dry AMD to restore their near vision.

The AddOn SML (Scharioth Macula Lens) is a bifocal AddOn IOL with a specifically designed central optic area providing high addition power of +10.0 D. The central microlens has a 1.5 mm diameter. The SML combines proven AddOn technology with sufficient magnification without affecting distance vision or vision field. Details

Why AddOn with AMD?
Standardized Implantation
Independence from IOL status of the pseudophakic eye
Distance vision and vision field stay unchanged
Reversible in case of intolerance
Significantly reduced stigmatization of AMD patients
Video AddOn SML

Basis IOL: hydrophobic and hydrophilic

Hydrophobic or hydrophilic? 1stQ is now making the decision easier by offering one IOL style, the Basis Z model, with two options, either made of hydrophobic or of hydrophilic material, which means:

Same design, same functions, free choice of material.
This modern one-piece foldable acrylic IOL with Z-Haptic design offers all the features which are technically feasible and medically reasonable:

Aspherical optic
360° cell barrier
UV filter

The characteristics of this IOL may be enhanced by Individual functions, such as blue-light filter. It is available in a range from 0 through +30 D.

1stQ International

Also on the international level, 1stQ has generated significant growth. Export business of intraocular lenses and complementary products has been expanded into almost 20 countries. The top-quality 1stQ product portfolio plus our function-oriented IOL concept Q functional have received worldwide recognition.

Numerous events were organised in cooperation with the 1stQ distributors and their customers, such as the German Day of Ophthalmology in Kiev and the launch of the AddOn IOL in Russia. To this effect, live surgery was performed in Novosibirsk with nationwide television broadcast from the local MNTK centre. This organisation, which was originally founded by the renowned professor Fjodorov, enjoys an excellent infrastructure on the highest technical level. In 2016 again our highly demanded product and calculation trainings will take place e.g. in Manila (25-26 June) and in Bangkok (28-29 June). Come and join us.

Professor Gangolf Sauder, MD, associate professor at Charlotten Clinic Stuttgart / Germany, has been of great support with several of such events and teaching courses for foreign ophthalmologists. Thanks a lot for this highly appreciated support!