IOL - for Optimal, Natural Vision (ONV) after cataract surgery

  • Function oriented IOL concept for ONV after cataract surgery
  • Sharpest possible vision through aspherical optic design
  • High image quality through reduced chromatic aberration
  • Optimized visual outcome through top quality material
  • Increased protection against PCO through 360° spherical square back-edge
  • Perfect optical results through optimized A-constants for highest target refraction

Our mission is to provide the best individual solutions, sustainably optimizing both visual capacity and quality of life for all patients. Our unique strategy Q functional supports this mission. All products are designed according to the timeless strategy form follows function. Our aim: Optimal, Natural Vision (ONV) following cataract surgery.

Basis IOL

Designed to be implanted into the capsular bag with a focal distance as requested to get as close as possible to Optimal Natural Vision after cataract surgery. Basis IOL provide the five visual functions, that restore Optimal, Natural Vision (ONV) following cataract surgery.

1. Basis Function: for sharp distant vision
2. Progressive Function: for sharp vision at intermediate and near distance. Due to our progressive optic, correction glasses will no longer be required to accommodate for near vision.
3. Blue Filter Function: for enhanced retina protection and a natural and pleasant colour perception
4. Aspherical Function: for good contrast vision under dim light conditions
5. Cylinder Function: for distortion-free vision in case of astigmatism

1stQ Basis Z IOL is the only IOL that covers all functions in the same design through two different materials both hydrophilic and hydrophobic acrylic selectable at the surgeons' discretion.

Please find more detailed information about each Basis IOL-Model in the download area on the right.

Preloaded IOL - Handling Instructions

AddOn® IOL - Fine-tuned Correction for Pseudophakic Eyes

The AddOn is the refractive-surgery platform for fine-tuned ONV (Optimal Natural Vision) correction of pseudophakic eyes and constitutes a milestone in functional patient care.

The AddOn is implanted into the sulcus in addition to the capsular-bag fixated basis IOL and is compatible with common capsular-bag IOLs, irrespective of design or material.
The AddOn may be used for correction of spherical, presbyopic and torical refractive errors and is available with spheric, progressive and toric optic. The AddOn SML (Scharioth Macula Lens) gives new hope to patients with dry AMD to restore their near vision.

Video AddOn Animation
Video Presbyoptic Solution

AddOn SML - The Magnifier in the Eye

The AddOn SML (Scharioth Macula Lens) is a bifocal AddOn IOL with a specifically designed central optic area providing high addition power of +10.0 D. The SML combines proven AddOn technology with sufficient magnification without affecting distance vision or vision field.

The AddOn SML gives new hope to pseudophakic patients with advanced dry AMD to restore their near vision.

Video AddOn SML
Video AddOn SML (extract)

AddOn Handling Instructions

Basis IOL


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