The Post-Cataract Fascination of Vision

1stQ offers top-of-the-line technology for improved quality of life following cataract surgery. Unique intraocular lenses provide individually optimized visual capability for all patients.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As an independent manufacturer of medical devices in Germany, 1stQ stands for highest quality products to treat cataract. For us, quality means that, day in, day out, experts with decades of experience are working at 1stQ with great dedication to preserve the fascination of vision for every human being, including for those who have suffered from cataract. Therefore, it is a guiding principle for us that research and development must strictly be orientated at the natural function of the human eye. The logical consequence of this principle is our maxim Form follows Function.

1stQ puts ophthalmic surgeons into the position to achieve any visual result desired.
Meanwhile, our in-house developed IOL concept Q functional is being employed on a worldwide level. Because our lenses can easily be combined with individual functions, which allows us to meet all requirements of patients in an economical way.
We are particularly proud that our medical devices are giving new impulses. Innovative surgeons in hospitals, clinics and specialised eye-care centres rely on Q functional and on our highly qualified consultancy services, before, during and after surgery on the eye.

To come to the point, this means: Our prime objective is to help people who have suffered from cataract to achieve the best possible visual capability.


Functional, individual and quality-assured

The cost-benefit ratio has become the key factor of medical care due to an increasing shortage of funds in the health care system. Yet, no concessions in quality should be made.

Q functional is a unique concept for the treatment of cataract. The function-oriented concept of intraocular lenses (IOLs) from 1stQ offers the best solution for every patient, individually adapted.


The human eye is a sensory organ whose crystalline lens tends to become opaque as a result of advanced age. The visual acuity diminishes gradually to the extent that, eventually, vision is perceived as if one would be looking through an opal glass pane (eye cataract). The medical treatment implies a microsurgical procedure, through which the crystalline lens is being replaced by an intraocular lens, called IOL.

The precision-optics medical device products of 1stQ are manufactured with the highest accuracy in the micro range. Based on the in-house developed Q functional IOL system, an optimum visual result can be achieved for every patient, as precisely as desired.

Form follows Function

The prime focus of 1stQ is to preserve the fascination of vision sustainably even after cataract surgery. Based upon scientific studies and structured patient feedback information, 1stQ develops special IOLs. Their designs always meet the demands of highest functionality.

A thing is determined by its character. In order to design it with the objective that it functions properly whether a receptacle, a chair, a house its character must be investigated first; because it is supposed to serve its purpose in a perfect way, which means to fulfil its function...

(Walter Gropius, 1925, architect, on the design principle of the Bauhaus School)
Based on patented IOL designs, 1stQ disposes of the Q functional IOL concept, which is unique in the world. An IOL from the function-oriented concept allows ophthalmic surgeons to offer every patient an individually optimised solution.

The concept consists of three groups of IOLs, classified by functions. Individual functions may be allocated to each group. Thus, any IOL is transferred into an individual IOL. It does not only meet the patient's requirements, but also gives consideration to the demands of the health care system.

This top-of-the-line technology makes sure that the desired visual results can be achieved to the full extent with all patients.

Innovation needs Function

1stQ has specialised in the area of cataract, with the objective to develop and improve intraocular lenses with pathbreaking functionalities for replacing the crystalline lens in the eye.

By the same token, intraocular lenses of 1stQ stand for highest quality standards in cataract surgery.

In-house developments, such as the AddOn IOL and the Q functional concept, generate worldwide impulses in treatment methods for ophthalmic surgery.
Rüdiger Dworschak
Founder & CEO